Monday, September 19, 2011

How is school going?

This is a question I get a lot these days, which if you think about it, is a very good one! Last time I updated on here it was just an idea that had come to fruition and I was in 'preparation mode' if you know the Stages of Change of Motivational Interviewing (Social work reference). Now I am in the ACTION phase, which means, I'm actually doing it.

School. Yes. I am going to class twice a week with an online class Wednesday nights (that is a whole lot better with a glass of wine) My answer to this question is... Pretty Well!

Despite the weird feelings of sleep deprivation and exhaustion, I think I am doing ok. :) I am adjusting (key word) to this new life style thing that will only be 3 semesters but right now feels a bit long. I am enjoying some classes, others not as much, but that is with anything. I have read, completed some reflection assignments but overall hadn't had really any homework. This program is very project and task based, so I think November (when its all due) might do me in. My amazing new boss said "then I will expect to see some PTO requests right around then for some time off," Yes, Michelle, you will.

Speaking of my new boss, the new job is going very well. It was a lot to manage and adjust to all at once (NEW job, NEW school, NEW schedule) but after late Monday night classes, I don't go into work until 12 then next day and I realize why I went part-time. For those of you working full-time doing the school thing... My hat is off. What an undertaking.

So overall I say, "pretty good" I think that sums it up. Thanks for asking!

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